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Coach Fashion Legacy Large Brown Totes DIH handbags

2016-08-12 14:47:08

A Bigger Better Bo's Attic For those shoppers who have not yet discovered the magnificent retail mecca called Bo's Attic Consignment Thrift Shoppe, the opportunity is now. Bo and her husband Chrishave recently moved the store to a much larger location at 455 Highway 36, Port Monmouth, the former Fuel One building. For now, the old location at 490 Palmer Avenue will remain open for a short time, until most of the inventory is sold and what remains can be transferred to the new store. Bo is a retailing genius. Nobody is quite sure how she does what she does and how she manages to deliver such great bargains to her customers, but she sure is excited about her new location, Coach Embossed Lock Medium Brown Totes DYH
Coach Embossed Lock Medium Brown Totes DYH which has about 4 separate departments featuring clothing, jewelry, furniture and home goods, collectibles, odds and ends, summer merchandise and even holiday and seasonal decorations, all available at a fraction of normal retail pricing. Bo even has a desk and office area where she can keep track of her growing list of consignors, and the extra space allows her to more boldy display and highlight merchandise and patrons to navigate the aisles more freely. Glass cases at the front of the store show the large selection of jewelry, and an entire room full of clothing, including shoes and handbags, attracts hundreds of shoppers daily. "It's a shoppers dream, almost like a cult," said longtime loyal customer Melissa Finnegan, a resident of Belford. "Part of what makes Bo's Attic unique is that you never know what will be for sale in the store next. I stop in just about everyday, along with my husband, for the bargains, but mostly to make sure I am not missing out on anything," Melissa said. Her husband, professional land surveyor Thomas Craig Finnegan, or Craig as he is known to his friends and associates, loves everything about the store. He has scored some great values at Bo's Attic, including on model trains which he

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  • has added to his already large collection. "I always find something interesting here," Craig noted. Not only does Bo's Attic have great prices that are totally unheard of in most places, but so much of the merchandise is unique. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of people of all ages and walks of life, bring to Bo their new, old, never used or gently used items, which is why there is such an eclectic feel to the store. Shoppers can find Coach bags, Steve Madden shoes and Juicy Couture right alongside Lenox china, Majolica pottery, antique marcasite pins and brooches and other merchandise with an 'old world' charm. Bo herself never knows what will come in next, but she is sure about one thing. "My customers are great, and they come first," Bo said. In the next few weeks, Bo's Attic will be hosting a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony with elected officials and dignitaries.